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Explore below to find out more about topics in the show. (Please note that these sections refer to the show by its original name, the Old Timey Radio Show, instead of its current one, Carolina Live!—Our Musical History.)

*Music Styles – Learn more about the 7 North Carolina music styles in our school show.

*Music Greats – Learn more about the 7 North Carolina music greats celebrated in our school show.

*Music History – Learn more about North Carolina's musical history during the time period in which these music greats lived.

Festivals/Events – Learn more about where you can hear great heritage music performed today in North Carolina.

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*Enjoy these links below that accompany the Music History, Music Styles and Music Greats sections. These links are also included in those sections, and most web browsers will be able to access these links from there.


Moravian Music Foundation
Old Salem
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Salem Band
26th North Carolina Regimental Band